We would like to show off some of the beautirul and captivatiing scenery that surrounds High Greenside!  We have the images itemized into specific catogries as follows:  First we feature the 'Out and About', after all, most of our guests love being here because of the outdoor opportunities that abound in this area.  This section includes areas both near and further afield.  We take you along to the local community of Ravenstonedale with its pretty stream and local watering places to places further afield including Hawes, Appleby, Krkby Stephen and Kendal.

Our Bed and Breakfast accommodation is considered cosy, restful and friendly.  Your host Angela is always at hand ready to take care of your comfort and provide information about the locality.  'The Accommodations' is a gallery containing images of the charming spaces we offer to our clients.

We are situated in the midst of a working sheep farm.  John Metcalfe is the heart and soul of the year round activities of managing the seasonal activities required when caring for his flock of sheep with the feeding, lambing, dipping and shearing events that occur on a regular seasonal cycle.  A key part of this work is done by the ever present collies trained to the whistle to herd the sheep so efficiently.  The gallery that illustrates these activities is called 'A Farmer's Life at High Greenside'